Thankful For :: 771 - 780

This week I'm thankful for...

771. Reminders that there is a time for everything and nothing happens in a void

772. Financial checks and balances

773. Positive feedback from blog friends

774. Warm chai tea with milk

775. Homemade Pad Thai made with clearanced ingredients

776. A partner who helps me stick to our plan

777. That eating out has become a treat instead of a routine

778. Cashmere sweaters

779. Seeing prayers answered

780. Craft time



  1. Cute pillows! Did you knit the cabled one, or make it out of an old sweater? Really cute... Love the "Give Thanks" one too. They'll look good on that new couch... :o)

  2. All lovely things to be thankful for, and I like those pillows, too!

  3. 771 really hits home for me these days - thanks for reminding me of this. As always, you always write such great and inspiring posts. What a blessing it was to find you on Blogger Carrie. = ) You are so awesomely blessed to have a partner who works with you toward those financial goals. Reading your posts, those of us can truly see your goals playing out. = )

    Have a great week.


  4. L.O.V.E. those pillows.

    If you made them I'm going to sequel with delight! (*crossing my fingers I didn't miss a DIY post explaining how you did*)

  5. Thanks for stopping by, Courtney!

    Irish - as always, thanks for the kind comments. So glad you found me (I always wondered how you did)!

    Beth and Molly - Yep, I made them (though I didn't knit the sweater cover, it was an old sweater), and no, you didn't miss a DIY post...but I have one scheduled in a couple of weeks. :-)


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