Thankful For :: 801 - 810

I'll be honest, I can't wait for next week to be over. It's going to be super busy at work with people gone on vacation and my (1 hour less than full-time) work week starts on Sunday and ends next Friday night. I'm already on a countdown. When I got my schedule on Wednesday, I admit that I got in the car, drove home, and than sat behind our house (in the car) while it rained outside and I cried inside. Even now, I can feel my face turning red when I think about my childish attitude and reaction.

Oh yes, I whined to the Lord about how I hated this job (something I haven't said in a long time), and about how I wanted a new job and why oh why had no doors opened up for me to have a nice 9-5 office job? In other words, while my sweet, ever-so-patient husband is regularly putting in 60+ hour work weeks, I was sniffling over 39 hours at a job that most people would be thankful to have. {gulp}

That's pretty much what God smacked me with, too. As I sat there in the rain, blowing my nose and enjoying my pity-party (party of one, thank you), I was caught up short by the fact that I was totally unappreciative of all the ways that God has blessed me this week. And even next week. And so I sat in the car and started listing (out loud) all the things I could think of that I'm thankful for (in advance) about next week.

It's amazing what practicing thankfulness does for a bad attitude.

And so, this week I'm especially thankful for...

801. A job

802. A larger paycheck (re: more hours)

803. The ability to help (financially) with the Project House

804. For the example of my husband who never complains about the L-O-N-G hours that he works

805. For a loving and patient Heavenly Father

806. For rainy days and quiet time in the car to listen to the raindrops and give thanks

807. For the conviction of the Holy Spirit

808. For feeling "Human Again" - just in time to gear up for a long week

809. That in one year and one month, this is the first Sunday I have had to work, and it's only 2 hours

810. That His Faithfulness IS Great

{Source - did I mention this is on my Christmas wish list?} 

What are YOU thankful for today?

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