Thankful For :: 831 - 840

There's too much to say about this week, so I'm heading straight into my thankfulness list.

This week I'm thankful for:

831. An anticlimactic conversation - much less stressful than I had worked up in my head

832. The freedom to look for a job that fits my skill set

833. The idea that I can try anything

834. Positive changes for Peter

835. Amazing 80-degree weather in March (did I mention that it's MARCH?!)

836. Thunderstorms

837. Curling up on the couch with Peter, a teapot full of tea, and reading The Fellowship of the Ring out loud

838. The opportunity to host a Red Letter Words GIVEAWAY (be sure to enter!)

839. Dreams of a tiny garden

840. The flowering cherry tree in our backyard (complete with bee - if you look at the bottom of the photo)


What are YOU thankful for this week?


  1. loving your blog look Carrie, your buttons and the neatness and freshness of it all. Love that cherry blossom!!! Beautiful. I miss cherry blossom!

    Intrigued that it sounds like you are job hunting, I really hope you find the job that delights your heart, that God places you in one that blesses you abundantly!

  2. I love this positive post. This week I am thankful for antibiotics and flowers!

  3. Thanks, Sophie! I'm excited about the future and seeing what's next for me. :-)

    @his_girl_friday - Thanks for stopping by and saying hello! I think those are two wonderful things to be thankful for! :-)


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