My {-5}

** You already know a lot about the things I like, so this week I'm turning the tables and sharing {5} things that I could do without **

Dust bunnies and the dusting and vacuuming required to rid the house of them

Mowing in March - though riding around on our "Zebra" does make it a bit more fun


People who SPAM on Pinterest, on the blog, through email, cell phone texts, and even through my home phone - get a life!

{If you've been hit by some of the spam on Pinterest, read THIS}

Plants that die overnight - my poor cilantro looked healthy one day, and the next day it looked like this {sniff, sniff}


Grumpy customers who get snippy in a personal way. I could say more, but if you've ever worked on the other side of a service counter or the other end of a phone, you know what I'm talking about. If you're a customer with a problem or complaint, I promise that you will get better service with a smile if you are kind to the person who is trying to help you.

{Read this article for more on Customer Service - GREAT!}

What things have gotten you riled up lately?
Am I the only one who doesn't love everything this week?

... Talk to me ...


  1. Oooh! Me! I have a -5! How about a 3 year old German Shepherd that we all love but who only obeys Daddy 100% of the time and sometimes listens to me but not when it matters and I can't change the batteries in his obedience collar because the screws are too tight so he chases the cats and WHAT is he going to do to the chickens if we ever get any?

    Can that count for my -5...but all in one? :)

  2. Loving the minus 5! I too could do without a few things this week.
    1. I know most people are loving the weather right now and it's nice, but 80 in March is a bit much for me. It makes for hot miserable runs already and horrible allergies. I want spring ie low 70's.
    2. Patients who complain when you are trying to do something to help them.
    3. Neighbors that decided to play loud music at all hours of the night, interrupting the few precious hours of sleep I get each night.
    4. Laundry. Sometimes I really wish I had a maid. Or a laundry service.
    5. Bad drivers. Traffic has been horrible this week and it makes me really irritated even though it probably shouldn't. Yes, I have road rage :)


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