Dear Friends ...

Due to the constraints of time, the lack of good health in the household (first me, then me again, and now Peter), a busy work schedule, and out-of-town family visiting, I've decided to take a Spring Break from Blogging.

As always, I'll keep up the Friday Thankfulness Posts, but other than that, I won't promise anything and I don't know when I'll be back - just that I WILL be back.

Thanking you for your patience,



  1. We all need a break sometimes... wishing you a healthier household and a good spring break!

  2. Enjoy your break. You deserve it! :)

  3. Good for you! Hope you have a great break, and that you are able to recharge your batteries, refresh your mind & get life all lined up :) You'll be missed, but we totally understand and will be here when you come back!

  4. Thanks, ladies! I'm so far behind that I'm just now commenting on posts - which means you'll probably never see this, but just in case... ;-)


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