Little Bites {April}

Little Bites Tip of the Month: Stay Flexible
I had some great goals last month, but then several things happened (I got sick, Peter experienced his first kidney stone, they upped my hours at work due to a lack of staff) that were outside of my control, and the next thing I knew, it was March 31st and I had barely knocked off any of the items on my list. This is where the flexibility comes into play. Rather than getting discouraged at what I didn't get accomplished, I sat down and looked at the things that I was able to do that weren't on my original Little Bites list. By being flexible in our goals and the steps we need to take to get there, we're still able to see progress, even if it's not in the ways we were expecting.


Let's start by reviewing my Little Bites goals for March, shall we?

1. Finish studying for (and schedule to take) the job-required certification test
{We made the decision that it would be better if I gave a heads-up to my boss, and looked for a new job}

2. Spend time looking into long-term work possibilities
{I applied for three positions - heard nothing, but this is ongoing}

3. Complete three short stories/essays
{Wrote nothing - but came up with not one, but TWO book ideas that I'm rather excited about}

4. Sell books, movies, and other items through various channels
{Took two bags of books and DVDs to our local used book store - got trade credit}

5. Buy nothing (PH improvements excluded) other than food during the month of March
{I was doing well, but I had a day off and I ended up hitting some amazing clearance sales and stocking up on Christmas and birthday gifts - with specific people in mind - so I didn't totally stick to this rule, but I'm doing much better}


You already know what we accomplished in March in place of the goals that we had set up, so let's get right into the Little Bites that I'll be working towards during the month of April:

{April Goals}
1. Become computer-free on Saturday AND Sunday (unless I need to look up a recipe)
2. One day a week - pick jobs to apply for and submit resume
3. Spend one day a week following up on two book ideas that are swimming around in my brain
4. Set up three estimates for getting a new roof on the PH
5. Begin sorting through the stuff in the basement

What are YOUR goals for the month?
Leave a comment with your goals for the month, or a link to your Little Bites blog post!

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  1. Sounds like you had a very productive month even if the goals weren't what you thought they might be!
    Congratulations. :)


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