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The ceilings in this room, and the wall color - well, shoot, the whole house. I love it!

{via The Stay at Home-ista}

This tutorial from Little Things Bring Smiles, for some awesome (practically free) wall art, and it doesn't hurt that it happens to feature the words from one of my favorite hymns. So cute...I just have to decide where I want to put it in our house...

{via Little Things Bring Smiles}

Here's another amazing tutorial (including free downloads for everything that you see) from A Brooklyn Limestone in Progress. I love the way this fake Roman shade turned out, and am already thinking about the places in our house where I could use this (the office being at the top of my list)...

{via A Brooklyn Limestone in Progress}

You might have seen my review of this book last week, but it's worthy of making My {5} as well. Seriously, check it out.

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I've mentioned my childhood friend, Beth, a few times on the blog, and this week a piece of her art is making My {5} list. This print (I Need Thee Every Hour) is the latest addition to her hymn collection (available on Etsy), and I think it is delightful - a beautiful reminder that I need Him every hour!


  1. A nice collection this week (and not just because I'm in it! haha)... I love that envelope shade - very cool. Thanks for the link! Hope you enjoy your last few weeks at work and then whatever else is coming your way after that... here's to new things!

  2. Carrie- Thanks so much for including me (and my house!) this week.



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