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The Spellman Files and Curse of the Spellmans by Lisa Lutz
It looks like these are two more books to chuck under the "I really wanted to like them, but I couldn't because..." bus. Purchased on a whim after a recommendation from a blogging friend who knows my love of non-gruesome mysteries, I had high expectations for this series. As I dug into book #1 (The Spellman Files), I was immediately surprised and turned off by the author's repeated use of the F-word and several inappropriate uses of the Lord's Name. Although I was also bothered by the lifestyle of Izzy Spellman, P.I. (sexual promiscuity, flagrant drug use, and freely flowing alcohol), and the complete dis-functionality of the entire Spellman clan, it was the language that killed this series for me. When we have so many wonderful words in the English language (words that are being lost over time), it bothers the English-major, classical-literature-loving side of me when authors resort to using profanity in place of adjectives. In all honesty, I felt that Lutz had stumbled upon a rather fun idea that I could have really enjoyed, and I actually thought the characters improved in book #2, especially as Izzy becomes more and more aware of the impact her lifestyle choices have on her little sister, Rae. However, as a Believer, seeing my Heavenly Father's name misused is where I draw the line, even if that means not finding out what happens in the Spellman household.

Have you read the Spellman series? 
Did you like it? Why or why not?


  1. oooh I can identify with this. I have had to put soooooo many books down half way through the first chapter because of foul language or completely unnecessary, explicit sex scenes! A crying shame that people can't seem to write fiction that doesn't involve either of those!

    1. It's such a disappointment, isn't it? Thanks for the comment!


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