It's Just A Number, Right?

We ate a lot of good (cooked-at-home) food at the beach last week. In fact, we've been eating a lot of good food for a few weeks now - ever since I discovered a hidden passion for cooking.


It's been a while since I stood on the scale, but I started to suspect that something might be up when it was taking a little something extra to tug my shorts on last week. Hmmm...

A little over two months ago, I traded my active job (running around a pharmacy actually kept me more fit than I realized) for a work-from-home desk job, and I started cooking like I'd never cooked before.

Although I've never been an exercise enthusiast ("Seldom?" "Buff?"), shortly after I quit the pharmacy, I started walking with a friend from work, which I thought would help fill the activity void that came with the new job - but apparently, 45 minutes, twice a week isn't cutting it.

Two years ago, Peter and I lost a total of 73 lbs. through diet and exercise. We felt great, and swore we would keep it off. My shorts are telling a different story - as are his. When we came back from the beach, we both weighed - he's put 35 lbs. back on, and I'm only 8.5 lbs. from my highest weight in 2010.


While we were at Hilton Head, we rented bicycles and rode on the beach each morning to watch the sunrise - it felt great! It also felt like something that we should turn into a habit - not biking so much, but regular, daily exercise together

In the four days that we've been back, we've walked on the treadmill three times and down to the grocery once. The same switch that flipped when we lost weight two years ago, has flipped again. It's time to get serious.

Anyone want to join us?
What do you do to maintain a healthy weight?


  1. Parise and I are working on it too...it can be such a struggle...hoping that some accountability will help...I'm also very close to my heaviest...maybe even there ;(

    So..yes, I want to join in too! :)

    So far, it has helped me to at least track every single thing I eat...

    Working on the exercise part...

    1. ps....it's christina :)

    2. Yay - Thanks, Christina! :-) Not yay for the weight gain {BOO!!}, but yay for working on it and joining in! Keep me posted - I'll be sharing updates on here from time to time.

  2. A few years ago we started working out together in the mornings using beachbody (think p90x...) We enjoyed it and we did start some good habits. Now we regularly workout with the gymbox streaming onto our TV. New workouts every week and its always challenging. Now that I'm training for the half marathon I find myself with a schedule - written down and a goal. That totally helps me!

    1. I find that doing it WITH Peter instead of just one or the other of us doing something, is good motivation. It helps to have someone in pain with you...oh, wait, I mean... ;-)

  3. oooh you are good, but to be honest, you look skinny as Carrie. I can't tell with Peter as he's taller and a guy but you certainly don't look like you need to lose any weight!

    1. You're kind, but my pants are telling a different story! ;-)

  4. My husband and I started biking to work. It's 13km there, so 26 by the time we come home. The first week was brutal, especially the hills, but now it is easy, and often we find ourselves taking the kids out for a bike ride after supper just for fun. Now the kids want to swim, so instead of just sitting watching them, I've decided to work on laps again. I did a quarter mile today - not much, but a beginning, and I've got an ear infection, so I quit out of ear pain more than anything else.

    My husband just got a pre-diabetes diagnosis, so we're all eating differently and thinking about exercise. I figure my metabolism will slow down soon, so I should learn now, too.


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