Hooked on TPG

If you haven't heard of The Piano Guys by now, then please, let me introduce you! They have a delightful assortment of musical talent which I will be sharing on Busy Nothings over the next few weeks because:
  1. I'm looking for filler as my calendar is a tad bit overwhelming at the moment
  2. I love their music
  3. It will save you from getting sucked into the YouTube vortex for hours at a time - all you have to do is come here each Thursday for your weekly fix of Piano Guys. You can thank me later.
So without further ado - may I present The Piano Guys, Jarrod Radnich, with his amazing rendition of the Pirates of the Caribbean theme. You don't have to be musically gifted to appreciate those who are! Enjoy!

Pretty amazing, eh?


  1. Wow.... I'd heard of but never listened to/watched them. Loved this! My fingers were trying to play along with him.

  2. Greatly enjoyed this!!! : )

  3. I just wanted to return to this and say a huge THANK YOU for introducing me to TPG! Getting to hear them live in Salt Lake was unbelievably amazing.... definitely a night to remember. And I wouldn't have known about them if you hadn't shared their music here. See how you're making an impact? ;)

    1. I love that you came back to saw that, Elizabeth!! :)


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