Thankful For :: 1031 - 1040

Do you know what I find encouraging? Seeing other people start their very own Thankful For lists. While celebrating my second anniversary of gratitude last week, Peter casually mentioned that he had started his very own gratitude list, in a little notebook that he carries with him. I had no idea. And it almost made me cry (especially when he said I was #1 on his list - yeah, he's sweet like that).

Because I love seeing people's lists, and because I want to encourage this habit (whether it's private or public), today I want to share some of the links that I know about, with you. Won't you go say hello to them and share something that you are thankful for?

Not sure you want everyone to know what you're thankful for? One fellow blogger, Beth, had a public thankfulness list on her blog for over a year, but she recently decided that she needed to privatize it. Beth's decision is a great example that it's not about how you share your gratitude, it's about taking time to do it at all. Whether you do it in a notebook, share it around the dinner table with your family, post it on Facebook, or write in on your blog - won't you start making an effort to give thanks for the daily gifts?

This week I'm thankful for...

1031. My Crockpot

1032. Warm bread, fresh from the oven (and the hubby that baked it!)

1033. Surprise lunch dates with my parents

1034. Having the yard mowed

1035. Seeing light at the end of a financial tunnel

1036. Fall-like weather

1037. Yellow leaves on the cherry tree outside my window

1038. The smell of burning charcoal (for a b-b-q) - love the smell, thankful for food to eat!

1039. Scented candles (why buy them if you don't burn them, right?)

1040. Finding flip-flops on clearance for $0.75 to put in Shoeboxes

What are YOU thankful for today?


  1. I am thankful for the wonderful opportunities in my life. Thanks for the shout out. My thankful list a little bit different today - it is just about one thing. :)

  2. Thanks for linking up to me! I'm incredibly thankful today for an absolutely wonderful family vacation this past week... the conversations, the laughter, the mountains, and the time to relax. It was so refreshing.


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