Little Bites {August}

Little Bites Tip: Go With the Flow
It's good to have a plan - it helps keep you on track with goals, projects, and finances. However, one of the things that we learned from living overseas is that you can make plans and set goals, but in the end, you have to be flexible enough to go with the flow. We set some high goals this year, but over the last two weeks, those goals have had to become a little more fluid - and we're okay with that. We're rearranging our priorities, setting up new budgets and financial plans, making lists, organizing "To Do's" in order of importance, and working a little harder. Sometimes the best laid plans must be tossed aside to make room for new ones, and you have to know when to hold fast, and when to let go and see where the new current takes you.
Right now, we're dog-paddling to the finish line!


Little Bite {July} Update

1. Paperwork filing - this has to stay on the list

2. Create and implement a work schedule that keeps me within my budgeted hours
Progress. Love that timer!

3. Finish uploading and creating missionary mugs for our church
I was planning on doing this while we were on vacation, but when I decided to unplug all the way, that included this project. Since then, I simply haven't made time to do it.

4. Iron 5 shirts a week (my ironing pile is getting a little big with Peter's new job)
I did NOT iron 5 shirts a week, but I spent two afternoons watching Foyle's War (on YouTube - thanks for the heads up, Beth!) and  Inspector Lewis (on pbs.org), and I worked my way through the entire pile!

5. Re-list washing machine on Craigslist, clean up backyard, take load of metal to recycling center
Yes - but not sold, started - but not finished, and yes - and came home with $$$ in my pocket!


Little Bites Goals {August}

1. Clean up around PH {remove trash, store tub, paint front door, hang blinds}
2. Work on Secret Project {patience, all will be revealed in due course}
3. Continue working on time management as I take on additional clients
4. Take load of trash to the dump {includes cleaning up back yard and PH}
5. List more large items on Craigslist {including the washing machine - again!}

Due to the nature of Secret Project (SP), plus a slightly busier work load, you might see less of me on the blog this month. I'm hoping to be able to keep up my M-F posting schedule, but I've decided not to sweat it if I don't. Life is a little busy, but I'm beyond thankful for all the work!

What will YOU be working on this month?


  1. Really just working on one big thing this month: purging the house! We're running out of space, and need to organize things more efficiently.

    1. Thanks for the comment - I missed it in the notifications and the craziness of this week, but it's always encouraging to know SOMEONE is reading these things! Hoping your purge is going well - that always feels so good!


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