My {5} :: Exercise Edition

I am not what you would call, "athletic" - far from it, actually. However, I've recently gotten back into the habit of walking 6 days a week, and there are a few things that I have found that are helping me stick to my goals and develop some self-discipline in this area. Today, I'm sharing them with you!

When we went on the hunt for a treadmill in 2009, Peter didn't want to play around with some cheap machine. We did a little research and found a repairman who was selling gently used equipment from a rehab hospital after they had upgraded their treadmills. We ended up with a Sportsmith Quinton Clubtrack 510 Plus for less than half of what a cheaper machine at a big name sports store would cost. It offers pre-set exercise programs, changes in incline, monitoring of your heart rate, and (my personal favorite) it even counts calories burned. You might not be able to find the same machine, but I do encourage you to invest in the highest quality treadmill that you can find and afford. Yes, walking outside is free, but in the dead of winter (or while the Olympics are on!), I'm so thankful to be able to keep up my exercise in the comfort of our basement.

{Ours looks similar to this}

Okay, so I would never leave the house in these for a multitude of reasons, but they are my walking gear of choice on the treadmill. You know that old idea that of, "clothing makes a difference"? Well, when I wear my walking clothes, my mind seems to go into "exercise mode" more than when I just wear a pair of shorts. It's like I'm telling myself that it's time to get serious. When I wear my Champion "walkies" pants, I walk faster. Shoot, sometimes I even run - but don't tell anyone. 

{You can find these at Target}

In addition to walking on the treadmill while wearing tight pants, I'm also drinking a lot more water. As in, on the increasingly rare occasions that we go out to eat, I order water - with either lemon or lime. I drink water at home when I'm feeling hungry. I've started adding a slice of orange to give it a little extra flavor. I keep a glass beside the bed at night so that if I wake up, I can take a drink. I've become a water-a-holic, and I can't tell you how much better I feel! Fewer tummy issues, clearer skin ... works for me!

A good pair of tennis/running shoes are absolutely essential for sticking with an exercise routine, because - let's face it - if your feet hurt, you won't do it for long (can I get an "Amen" from my running friends?). I'm actually still looking for that "ahh-factor" pair, but for now, I'm pretty happy with the ASICS that I've had for a few months. They have enough cushion that my feet don't hurt after an intense walk, and they allow for some air movement to help keep my feet cooler.

{These are similar to what I wear}

This might sound a little strange, but the final "essential" on my list (if you have a treadmill or exercise indoors) is a box fan. We have one hanging from the ceiling, right in front of the treadmill. When I get hot, on it goes and it gives me my second wind (no pun intended - but it's a good one, isn't it?). It's like walking outside with a good breeze, and it cools me off enough to be comfortable while pushing myself to go faster.

{Available at Target}

What would make YOUR {5} for "must have" exercise essentials?


  1. I want some of those cool running skorts that Sam L. wears! :)


  2. My phone... because it has CardioTrainer, and tracks my calories for any type of workout. And sends me this annoying reminder when the burn count is at zero.

    Also, it sounds cheesy, but workout DVDs. I can't get to a gym, and can't exercise outdoors consistently enough, so I walk/run/jump/stretch/whatever in front of my tv. Leslie Sansone's "Walk Away the Pounds," or 10 Minute Solutions yoga & kettlebell workouts, or P90 (not P90X, just P90)... they're all great. Well, as long as I actually do them ;)

    And bonus points for working out in my living room: I can wear things I'd never wear out in public, and do most of it barefoot too. And the shower and the kitchen are right there as well. Who needs a public gym? :)


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