Thankful For :: 1021 - 1030

Next week is the two year anniversary of the Thankfulness List. As I have a whole post about that, I'm going to keep the intro brief, and jump right in to what I'm expressing gratitude for today. I hope you'll join me!

This week I'm thankful for...

1021. The 312 Project {a.k.a. the "Secret Project"}

1022. Family who step in to help with the not-so-fun work

1023. The tenderness of a really good steak, cooked on the grill

1024. Corn on the cob - also cooked on the grill

1025. Safety when we suddenly found ourselves in the midst of some serious rain and flood situations

1026. Time to spend with my sister before she goes back to (teach) school

1027. The things that God uses to hammer home a lesson that I need to learn - emails, quotes, Scripture

1028. Having the Olympics to watch the last two weeks (when we had time!)

1029. Freshly painted porches

1030. Reminders that the future is not scary if you know the One who holds it

{Not sure about the original source - sorry! via Pinterest}

What are YOU thankful for today?


  1. Steak & corn on the cob... yummy! We also love cooking butter & carrots in a foil pouch on the grill. SO good!

    And 1030 - Amen!!

    1. We put the corn in a foil pouch with butter and freshly ground sea salt and pepper. It was, hands down, the best corn I've ever had. Now I feel like I need to go buy some carrots!! :-)

  2. that's a beautiful quote from Corrie Ten Boom! Thankful for gingham ribbon and slice, blustery windy sunshiney days, a mowed lawn, a slow cooker and peace and quiet!

  3. I love the quote and am quite thankful for the privilege of trusting my future to God. I'm also thankful for homemade york peppermint patties, baking with my daughter and a new recipe for chicken lasagna rolls. They were amazing!

    1. Chicken lasagna rolls sound interesting, Pamela!


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