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The Secret: What Great Leaders Know -- And Do by Ken Blanchard & Mark Miller

Last Friday, the UPS man dropped off a a small package at my front door. In yet another "pinch myself, I can't believe this is my job" moment, I opened the box to discover three personalized-to-me autographed books, a hand-written note, and free meal ticket to Chick-fil-A from author and leadership expert Mark Miller. On Sunday afternoon, I sat down and read book #1 (co-written by Ken Blanchard), The Secret: What great Leaders Know - And Do, in just a couple of hours. Told in the form of a story, Miller and Blanchard explain the ideas behind SERVE - the acronym for the five steps that will help change you from a self-serving leader, to a serving leader. It's simple, but effective, and in essence, it's exactly what Jesus Christ  exemplified during his 33 years on earth - to be great, you must first be a servant. As a long-time fan of John C. Maxwell (who also wrote the Forward for The Secret), I'm happy to be able to add a new author to my leadership shelf, and I look forward to learning more from Mr. Miller in the future.

Have YOU read any books on leadership?
Who is your favorite leadership expert/author?


  1. The most recent book I've read on leadership is Multipliers by Liz Wiseman and Greg McKeown. Some of it was a bit obvious but still a good reminder about how to lead in a way that brings out the best in other people

  2. Ooooh Ken Blanchard - The One Minute Manager and Who Stole my Cheese - such a great author!!!

  3. You look like a kid on Christmas morning! :) One of my favorite leadership books is 'Primal Leadership: Realizing the Power of Emotional Intelligence' by Daniel Goleman.


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