Let It Flow...

He's not Mozart, but he's super talented! Piano Guy, Jon Schmidt, wrote this song when he was in high school. Pretty impressive, eh? Seriously, I would like to find a quarter of this man's passion for music - only not for music, but for whatever it is that excites me that much. I'm still looking - it's out there somewhere

In other news, I'm still wearing out my two, scratch that, three new albums from The Piano Guys and cellist Steven Sharp Nelson (I just got his Christmas album - oh yeah, let it snow!!). Passion? Promoting The Piano Guys for pay? Yeah, I could get excited about that. :) Until next week...

What makes you passionate?


  1. Beautiful piece and one of my favorites of TPG. Somehow I missed that he composed it himself.

  2. Almost daily, my 5-year-old son asks me, "Mom, is it The Piano Guys day yet on that blog?" Yeah, we're hooked too. :)

  3. Wow! He can really play! I would love to go to all their beautiful settings they play at and have a personal concert. Truly talented guys! Will have to buy some of their stuff.


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