Thankful For :: 1111 - 1120

Lessons learned this week:
Sometimes a dream doesn't have to be big, to be exciting
Heated throw blankets can change your life
Focusing on what other's are doing is a distraction you don't need


This week I'm thankful for:

1111. Celebrating Little Brother's 2nd anniversary today - thankful to see it go from dream to published book!


1112. Being so close to a financial goal that I do the {happy dance} every time I think about it!

1113. The ability to pack OCC shoe boxes (post to come)

1114. The opportunities that being a part of the #witeam has afforded me

1115. My heated throw

1116. That I saw the two skunks in my front yard before I got out of the car {yikes!}

1117. Possibilities

1118. Editing jobs (even when they don't pay)

1119. Jersey Mike's sub sandwiches

1120. My adorable better half (and author of #1111)


What are YOU thankful for this week?

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