My {5}: Guilty Pleasures Edition

Guilty Pleasure {#1}
As I sit here in my very non-chic Eastland shoes and my Dockers, I'm a tiny bit embarrassed to admit that I find myself addicted to the blog, What Kate Wore. Princess Kate - or  rather, the Duchess of somewhere-or-other - is a class act from start to finish. I couldn't pull off most of what she wears, but I never get tired of her hair, her style, or her fabulous coats. Much like her deceased mother-in-law, Princess Diana, did (back in the day), Kate is setting trends and marching to her own style drumbeat (and doing a marvelous job).

Guilty Pleasure {#2}
It's no secret that I'm hooked on detective books and TV shows. I've even written about my love of Sherlock and Poirot before. However, my newest "guilty pleasure" is the Inspector Lewis series from the BBC and Masterpiece Mystery. I first discovered them at pbs.org, then found a few more episodes (for free - because I'm cheap) on Hulu. I love the interaction between Inspector Lewis and Detective Hathaway, and the subtle love interest between Robbie and Laura. Yes, yes, people are killed throughout the episodes, but they never show the gruesome stuff (unlike American shows), and I'm a sucker for the character development.

Guilty Pleasure {#3}
My new hobby: reviewing books at WhatsOnMyNightstand.com. After talking it over with the hubby, expressing my growing desire to follow after some larger goals, and feeling a sense that it was time to change something about Busy Nothings, we decided that I should start...a new blog. I know. It is crazy. However, I'm having a ball with it, and I would love to see the book lovers among you hop over there for my weekly book reviews. If you're on Facebook, you can find me at What's On My Nightstand, or follow along on Twitter @WOMNS.

Guilty Pleasure {#4}
Halloween Oreo's and a really large glass of cold milk. I was an Oreo junkie as a child - easily downing a whole pack in a day or two (if my mother didn't catch me). I continued this habit through college, until the fantastic, eat-anything-you-want-with-no-consequences metabolism that I had been blessed with through my 21st year of life, decided to retire. Sad day. Very, very sad. However, once a year I get suckered into buying a package again - why? Because they are orange (of course).

Guilty Pleasure {#5}
Hello. My name is Carrie, and I'm a Tootsie Roll addict. I can eat a whole bag of them in a day. They are so small and chewy and chocolatey and delightful. I admit that I have a problem...but when you grow up with these ads, they just seem so harmless, right?

What would make YOUR guilty pleasures list? 
Come on, fess up!


  1. I love this medley of the most popular pop songs of the last few months. So trashy but so much fun https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4oJsYKyZKM&feature=g-u-u

  2. I would say coffee, but I really don't feel guilty about it :)

  3. Help! I can't get the link for What's On My Nightstand to work...(and you know I'll be there as soon as it does!)

    Which ties into my guiltiest pleasure...buying books! Guilty because I buy SO MANY, pleasure because I love sticking (mostly) to my list, getting the best bargain I can, and "feeding" my family a steady diet of quality words and ideas. (Reading those books instead of doing housework COULD be counted as GP#2!) :)

    1. I've been out of town, sorry Jamie! The link is now fixed. :)

  4. This household loves Inspector Lewis. (This writer things Hathaway is too cute.)

  5. When I first read this I thought to myself, "I don't have any guilty pleasures." Later in the week as I savored some different foods, I knew I had been mistaken. I love blue cheese crumbled on my salad even though it's quite expensive here. I like watching a good movie when all the men in my house are elsewhere. And I love Milky Way bars. I also have a list of about ten book blogs that I visit once a week.


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