This is a slightly lighthearted take on the seriousness of the day. I keep seeing female friends on Facebook encouraging women to vote, and every time I see a post, it reminds me of this scene in one of my all-time favorite films: Mary Poppins.

On a serious note: Our country is teetering on the brink of change - for better or for worse. In my humble opinion, today's election is one of the most import in the history of our country. If you read Busy Nothings on a regular basis, I'm sure you can guess which way I (very un-apologetically) lean politically, but the real point is, if you haven't already voted and you choose to stay home today - you are allowing your future to be decided for you. You are, in essence, saying to those who have given their lives in the defense of freedom over the course of our history, you wasted your time. I, for one, will not take their sacrifice lightly.

I stay away from politics 99% of the time on the blog and, more recently, on Facebook. Today, I cannot be silent.

Women haven't always had the right to vote.

We do now.

Speak up!


  1. Well said, indeed! Also, I love that segment from Mary Poppins, too! My mother was one of the first two females ever admitted to the US Army Corps of Engineers. She kept a scrap book from the "good old days" that we used to sit and page through. Mom and Judy were featured in a number of news articles and even satirized in a few cartoons. While I never considered my quiet mother a raving femi-nazi, I loved hearing her "war stories" growing up and have tremendous respect for the women who sacrificed for the privileges I enjoy today. You better believe I got out there an exercise my hard-won right to vote! :)

    1. Your mother sounds like she would be an interesting woman to talk to! What stories she must have had from her time in the Army Corps of Engineers! Thanks for sharing - and for voting!

  2. I have to respectfully disagree. I am a well informed, civic minded, passionately involved American...who could not in good conscience give a vote of confidence for either of the candidates presented to me. I prayed and had no peace today about casting my ballot...I am not allowing other people to choose my future...I am trusting God entirely to guide the future, and not voting for someone whose leadership I do not trust. Sacrifices were made to give me the freedom to decide, and today I know I made the right decision for myself. Just wanted to present another side.

    1. I appreciate you (very politely) giving another side to this, Lexi. But, if I may inquire, were you only voting for a President today, or were there not other office holders on your ballot? Or does this go for everyone running for every office? I ask out of curiosity (this is when tone of voice does not come through - so please just take my word that I'm not being nasty! Thanks!).

      Although I don't agree, I know of people who choose not to vote for the office of the President, but still vote for local, State, and federal positions. I, myself, left a few boxes unchecked when we voted this year - but I still voted for some. Consider this a third "side" - apparently we have a triangle! ;-)

      Again, thanks for your polite comment - proof that disagreements don't always have to turn nasty.


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