Thankful For :: Week 4

Lessons learned this week:
The world doesn't stop turning if my blogging stops {ahem}
I like not feeling compelled to write x # of times a week - it's freeing
Blogging is more fun with friends

100_9412_1_CBN52 photo 100_9412_1_CBN52_zps0844aa45.jpg

This week, I'm thankful for:

1241. Snow!

1242. A warm home and electric blankets

1243. That I work from home and don't have to drive in the snow

1244. That my brother and my husband get along so well

1245. Celebrating another year of life for our oldest nephew

1246. Getting some clarity on the Project House

1247. The feeling of getting into a pre-warmed bed (heated mattress pads are the BOMB DIGGITY)

1249. The difference a year can make

1250. Having a Heavenly Father to thank for all the blessings in my life

What are YOU thankful for this week?
Please share in the comments.

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