Thankful For :: Week 5

Lessons learned this week:
It is never a good feeling to open your front door and see a skunk crossing the sidewalk
Email is convenient, real mail is special
Blogging opens up doors of opportunities that lead to dream fulfillment

100_9412_1_CBN52 photo 100_9412_1_CBN52_zps0844aa45.jpg

This week, I'm thankful for:

1251. Editing jobs

1252. The free trial of Amazon Prime (hello Inspector Lewis!)

1253. The faithfulness of my Heavenly Father

1254. Two personal notes, from friends, dropping through my mail slot on the same day

1255. A hubby who works long hours, and is still in a good mood

1256. The opportunity to walk with a friend after a two month hiatus

1257. Stir-fry chicken and rice

1258. Soup in the freezer

1259. Learning new skills that seemed scary, and were actually quite easy

1260. The beauty of ice storms (especially when the power stays on!)

 photo IceCollage_zps777b7354.jpg

What are YOU giving thanks for this week?


  1. Love Inspector Lewis! Today I am thankful for:
    1. not embarrassing myself TOO badly at my exercise class.
    2. seeing our son working in the kitchen and smelling bacon cooking when I walked in the door from class.
    3. finding out that bacon and a chocolate chip cookie make a very successful combination. :)

    1. Lori,

      Nice to find a fellow Inspector Lewis fan! :)

      Question: was the bacon IN the chocolate chip cookie, or in addition to?

  2. What stunning ice storm photos Carrie! Love them!
    Thankful this morning for a date with my eldest girl, for morning talks and walks with God, for enough, for the benefits of discipline, for surprises planned for my youngest's birthday. Have a lovely weekend!

    1. Thanks, Sophie! I've been so bad about visiting friend's blogs...crazy busy at work (as you can probably tell from the lack of blog posts on here). Anyway, I appreciate you stopping by and sharing your thankfulness items. Love it!

  3. Ah, I am thankful for the beautiful weather of our new home state and that I no longer live in a place where there are ice storms :-) I am also thankful for Guittard chocolate chips, because they are certified peanut free and I can make chocolate chip cookies for my peanut-allergic son.


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