Thankful For :: Week 10

Lessons learned this week:
If God wants you to do something, He's not going to let up
It's always best to stay away from unnecessary drama
When all else fails...eat a box of Thin Mints

100_9412_1_CBN52 photo 100_9412_1_CBN52_zps0844aa45.jpg

This week, I am thankful for:

1301. Leftovers - glorious leftovers!

1302. My hubby, who has turned into quite the gourmet cook

1303. Snow (with clear roads)

1304. Surprise visits from family

1305. A nephew who keeps us laughing (happy belated birthday!)

1306. Getting great reports from two friends

1307. Our little Busy Nothings Accountability Group on FB

1308. A God who doesn't give up on me, even when I try to ignore the Holy Spirit's prodding

1309. Friends who encourage

1310. The amazing way that God provides

What are YOU thankful for today?
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  1. #1307 - Yes!!! Definitely!
    I'm also thankful for spring-like temperatures, a date with my husband tonight, and getting to see my parents this weekend.

  2. So thankful for #1307, too! It was a great idea and is really helping me! : ) And AMEN to a God who doesn't give up on us, and who provides in amazing ways!

    1. So glad you are finding it helpful, Sandy! Glad you are a part of it.


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