No Big Deal...

I have a new computer which means I have a new operating system to learn. If you haven't picked up on it by now, I'm not a big fan change and upheaval, despite our years of living in countries where we survived solely because of our Cirque du Soliel-like flexibility.

But the fact of the matter was, "Old and Busted" (our not so affectionate name for the computer formerly known as Mine) was down for the count, and something had to be done. I work from home. I work via computer. I work in social media and I couldn't even join a Google Hangout without my computer crashing.

After doing some research (and a very unscientific pole among Facebook acquaintances), we ended up going with an Apple. It hasn't been love at first usage, but it also hasn't been as bad as I was expecting. Overall, everything is more user friendly and intuitive than Windows, but the change over hasn't been without it's bumps. For example...

I missed Google Chrome. Peter said I had to use Safari first. I tried to give Safari a fair shot, but after a week, I gave up and added Chrome. It was like the return of an old friend.

I really miss Photoshop. Everyone said I would fall in love with iPhoto and never look back. I'm still waiting for that moment. However, I compromised by adding Picasa, and after discovering how to change the pixel size of photos (thanks to a website that was created for non-techie people like me - dummies.com), I'm coming to grips with the loss of Photoshop.

In the great scheme of life, switching from one computer and/or operating system to another isn't a big deal. I realize that there are people starving, humans being trafficked, and our government is on growth hormones (as well as all of our food, if the Facebook posts are to be believed)... but it's been a big deal in our house this week. 

And isn't that really the case for everyone? Small things seem big to some, while life-changing events are handled as regular occurrences by others. People outside our family were more freaked out about my dad being in the hospital than I was... and computer nerds everywhere are rolling their eyes when they hear or read my latest panic over learning a new program or process.

So, there you have it. Frustrations come and go - always have, always will. Sometimes all we really need to do is sit back, take a deep breath, and realize that it's no big deal.

Either that, or we can Google it.

What's new in your life these days?


  1. just wondering why you can't have Photoshop on your apple? I do... iPhoto is NOT really a "photo-editing-software"... it is more a "photo-tweaking-software" :) I remember making the change when I got married.... but now I really dislike MS machines.

    1. Tascha,

      It's not that I can't have Photoshop on my Apple, as much as it is that I don't want to pay for it again. At least, right now. :) I finally figured out how to do what I needed to do in Picasa, though it's not as easy as it is in Photoshop. Still, I'm thankful to have something working! :)

  2. I hate iPhoto and I hate Picasa. You can buy Photoshop for your Mac. We use Photoshop elements on ours. I'm not sure that I could handle losing Photoshop :)

    1. Erika, at some point we might get Photoshop for the Mac, but I can't work the expense into the budget at the moment (with car issues and filling the propane tank - ouch!). Maybe in the future. I still miss it. :(

  3. oooh Apple. Mmmm I know they're supposed to be the bees knees but I am starting to have a thing about their vice-like consumeristic non-sharey grip on the computer/phone market. We use iTunes and have an iPods and an iPod touch in the house but I am beginning to resent their corporate dominance. I'm getting to the point now where out of principle I won't buy an i anything! Is that just mean and obstinate of me? I love Picasa and Google Chrome too. Never used Photoshop but I use Gimp, Photoscape and Picmonkey. All free and all great.

    1. You know, Sophie. That's exactly how I felt (and we're not switching to iPhones any time in the foreseeable future), but when I tried playing around with Windows 8, I HATED it. Since I had to switch to a new operating system anyway, we decided to cross the picket line and look at a Mac, and I actually liked what I saw.

      Having said that (and I am thankful for the new Mac), I have run up against a couple of instances where I am a Mac in a PC world. Had Windows 8 been more like Windows 7, instead of like a giant playground (my opinion), I probably would have stuck with a PC - much to the chagrin of my oldest nephew who is Mac to the core. :)


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