More Than A Habit (Week 19)

Last week, I had trouble finding things to be thankful for. But last week was exactly sort of time when this whole thankfulness outlook and habit come in handy. When I needed a reminder that yes, I could find something to give thanks for, even in the midst of dismal situations.

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This week, I've realized that making thankfulness a habit is actually one of the best things I ever did. I've heard people say that when you do it out of habit, it stops ringing true, but for me, because I have developed a habit of giving thanks, it's second nature now to look for the thankfulness point in any bad situation.

It changes my outlook. It redirects my attitude. It reminds me that I am directly responsible for setting the tone of my day. That I can choose to give thanks, or I can choose to complain.

This week, the things on my thankfulness list include: 
Celebrating a year at my job
Road trips
Seeing family
A new kitchen knife
Macaroni Grill
And a husband who loves me even when I am completely unlovable and cranky. 
I'm thankful that I finally found some not-too-dorky sunglasses that fit my daily-wear frames. 
I'm thankful for Columbo in the car. 
I'm thankful for new pillow cases, fun books, encouragement from clients, and flexibility.

Being thankful is a blessing. It's a constant reminder in the midst of a crazy world that there is always some reason to give thanks...

What are YOU thankful for today?

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