What A Difference A Year Makes...

One year ago on May 4th, my life changed drastically. May 4th was my final day working at the pill mill pharmacy. My last day getting yelled at by customers. My last day going home in tears (albeit, on that day, I was crying because I was going to miss my co-workers).

On May 4th, I worked the 12 - 3 shift. Just 3 hours for my final day. I was showered with farewell gifts and food and hugs. Though I didn't like the job, I really loved my co-workers. They were - and are - special. 

On May 4th, about an hour before I left for my final shift at the pharmacy, I received a call from a woman I only knew slightly - a couple of phone calls, an email or two, and a few tweets. Her name was Becky Robinson and she made sure that May 4, 2012 would be a day I would never forget. Not only because it was my final day at the pharmacy, but because it was the day that she would change my life by offering me the job I thought only existed in my dreams.

I meant to write this on the anniversary, or at least the following Monday, but then life happened. A family visit. A family death. And another reason to be thankful for the opportunity to work from home - or from anywhere - when life takes you by surprise. A year later, and I'm still pinching myself that I get paid to work online, to promote books, to use my college degree.

I'm grateful for the opportunities to grow, to stretch, to dream. Grateful for the ability to add to the coffers, help others, and reach financial goals. Grateful to work with a team that challenges me, encourages me, and motivates me to try new things.

And beyond grateful for all the links that led to the one early morning tweet that changed my life. People are forever saying how lucky it was that it worked out that way, but was anything but a fluke. I don't believe in coincidences. I believe in God-ordained events - even when they start with a tweet.

I am blessed.
Here's to Year #2.

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  1. Happy Anniversary! And you are so right about God ordained events. I feel exactly the same way about my work with Becky...which is even better because you're here too.

  2. Aw Carrie this was so sweet! Happy anniversary and I wish you all the best :)


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