Christmas Is More Fun With Stockings... #HollyJolly

Stockings have always been a part of our Christmas celebrations. I remember one year I found a tiny set of blue and white dishes tucked into my stocking. Then out came a stunning white china tea set with pink roses on the side. When we finally got to the gifts, my final present made the stocking stuffers make sense: Her name was "Charlotte" and she was the most beautiful china doll I had ever seen. But it all started with the stocking stuffers. 

While I am no longer hoping for tiny tea sets in my stocking, it remains a tradition in our home to open stockings first - although I do prefer a cup of coffee before digging in! In the early years of our marriage, Peter didn't quite get the point of stockings, but over the years he has warmed to the idea, and is now the king of stocking stuffers. 

If you follow Modern Mrs. Darcy, I hope you caught her list of stocking stuffers for kids last week. She recommended some really fun items. Yesterday, Jessica shared her stocking ideas on Life as MOM (what can I say? Great minds think alike... even if we don't always agree on books!). And if you're looking for more adult ideas? Well, here's what makes my list of fun gifts, based on what I have received in the past that I enjoyed, as well as what I would like to find in the future (hint, hint "Santa"). 

Give Their Tootsies Some Love
  • Splurge on wool - something really nice that will last
  • Go for warm fleece - something they can wear on Christmas morning
  • Have some fun with holiday-themed footwear (they always make me smile!)
  • Fuzzy socks are always a winner (I'm geeking out over these fuzzy knee-highs!)
Anne included tights on her list, and I would agree - but for adults. Last year Peter splurged on some really nice 100% wool tights and I adore them!
  • Check out these fleece lined tights for the cold-blooded in your life (SANTA!!)
  • Merino wool - a bit of a splurge, but also good stocking filler
Eat, Drink, and Be Merry
The Sights and Sounds of the Holiday Season
Cook Up Some Fun
General Fillers
The bottom line is that you should try to tailor stocking stuffers to the recipient's tastes. If they're a techie or a car buff, play to that, or if they enjoy music and coffee, include a CD and a bag of specialty coffee (preferably whole bean - if you know they have a grinder). Whatever you do, don't just fill the stocking with junk - fill it with thoughtful gifts. It doesn't have to cost a fortune, just some thought and time.

Do you have a favorite stocking stuffer story?
What would make YOUR list?


  1. I think shopping for stockings is the most fun part of Christmas shopping! We usually buy a few things off our Amazon wish lists- like movies, small books, or music. Then there's also a yearly ornament, splurge-worthy chocolate, mini-Lego figures, and usually something fun from ThinkGeek. Last year I even got my husband a bobble-head Einstein (shh, don't tell him - this year it's Yoda!). We do set a budget for stockings, but that actually makes it more fun. "How much can you cram in one stocking for X-amount of $$?"

  2. Thanks for all the ideas. I fill stockings for 5 adults and 5 grandchildren and have for years. Was running out of ideas and found several new items you listed. Thanks.


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