How @trytheworld Got Me Blogging Again

The last time I sat down and wrote a post it was January, and I was wrapped up in blankets drinking hot tea. Today my windows are open and I'm wearing sandals. Life goes marching on and before you know it, it's been four months since you've blogged about anything and nothing.

So what brought me back? Food. 

Remember when I wrote that post about the hobbies I had that weren't worthy of Pinterest? Remember how the first three things on my list were eating, travel, and culture? Well, today I'm writing to tell you about something that gives me the best of all three worlds - made all the more perfect by the fact that due to numerous reasons, the Hubs and I are currently tied down and unable to travel internationally, as we would like to do.

Meet a brilliant idea called Try The World

Someone liked a post on Facebook that mentioned Try The World, and it caught my attention. Food, culture, and something to look forward to in the mail every other month? That was intriguing enough to make me click through and learn more.

With the Hubs 40th birthday coming up this week, I was already on the hunt for something unique to give him, and Try The World seemed to fit the bill.

I've looked at a lot of subscription services over the years, but all of them were too rich for my blood. Not so with Try The World. One box of goodies from a different country, every other month, for $33 a box (including shipping) that I can cancel at any time? I may be cheap, but even my Scotch blood could stomach that deal (sweetened by the fact that when I ordered I was able to score a free BONUS box of food from one of our favorite countries, France).

We  began our journey in Marrakesh, Morocco, and as soon as the first box arrived the Hubs declared it one of the best birthday gifts ever. Coming from someone who is not highly excitable, that's a huge complement!

Over the weekend our bonus box from France arrived, which we unpacked with much glee. I particularly squealed when Hubs pulled out the canister of Fleur de Sel, one of my favorite salts to use in cooking, and the jar of fig jam (if you recall, we fell hard for figs last year). The index card contains information about what is included in the box, while the Culture Guide shares recipes, musical playlists, recommended country-specific films, and more. 

Bottom Line: if you like food, if you like culture, and if you're looking for something fun to do as a couple (or as a family) on a Friday night, we highly recommend investing in the Try The World boxes.

*     *    *    *    *

Full Disclosure: Try The World hasn't given me anything for writing this review, but if you click on any of my TTW links, it IS a referral link. The good news is that if you use my link, you get $15 off your box (and I get $15 off if you click), so it's a win-win situation.

*Note: Fabric, puzzle, and Eiffel Tower not included

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