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Happy Friday! I found so many fun/interesting links this week that I already have next week's post filled up! I love weeks like that, when there's so much to learn. It hasn't all been fun/uplifting news online this week, but that's why I want to share what I've found that's good. Enjoy your weekend!

I've always known I was an introvert (who can fake extrovert of a period of time before needing to remove myself from humanity to recharge), so this article by Jessica Hullinger was SPOT. ON. If you work with an introvert, live with an introvert, or are an introvert - especially if you find yourself in a job where you need to network - read it. http://theweek.com/articles/540698/introverts-guide-conference-networking

  • Favorite Quote: "Want to make an introvert cringe? Tell them they're going to a business conference. Introverts thrive on alone time. So what could be more stressful than being stuck in a hotel with hundreds of strangers with whom you're expected to interact?"

What I love about Laura Vanderkam's writing is that she isn't all, "Women should focus on a career and skip the family" (she has 4 kids), nor is she, "You're a mom, stick with raising kids and forget your old life" (she's written 3 books). She's finding a happy medium, and sharing the stories of successful women who have done the same in her new book, I Know How She Does It, and this article on Fortune (dads - this one's for you too!): http://fortune.com/2015/06/06/women-with-big-jobs-and-big-families-balancing-really-isnt-that-hard

  • Favorite Quote: "Once you acknowledge that it’s physically impossible to be everywhere, you release yourself from that script, and instead embrace one that allows you to be where it’s most important for you to be, at work and at home."

And since I'm on a Laura kick, yes, this next article is covering the ideas in I Know How She Does It as well, but it's worth the read because the tips are different, and applicable to anyone who is trying to find a work/family/life balance. http://www.bustle.com/articles/88417-13-ways-to-find-work-life-balance-without-going-totally-insane-while-realizing-you-had-more-free

  • Favorite Quote: "You don’t win points in the game of life for working through vacation and personal days if you wind up burned out as a result."

It seems like everyone is sharing their list of recommended reading this summer, including Ann Mah, one of the authors I read for the first time in 2014. Since I enjoyed the books she wrote (particularly Mastering the Art of French Eating), several of these titles are now waiting their turn on my nightstand. http://annmah.net/2015/05/27/summer-book-list

  • Favorite Quote: "Any of them would be the perfect companion for a lazy afternoon."

And finally, next week is our 15th wedding anniversary, and we've often talked about how no one should be allowed to register for wedding gifts until their 5th wedding anniversary - people have NO idea what they're going to actually use, ourselves included. This is a fun post for anyone who's registering now, or for those of us who look back and think, "Was I really deluded enough to think I would make pasta from scratch?!" http://www.thekitchn.com/the-5-kitchen-wedding-registry-gifts-we-still-use-10-years-later-and-those-we-dont-life-in-the-kitchen-219902

  • Favorite Quote: "Tastes change."

*   *   *   *   *

Question: what would  you register for again - or skip?

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