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1/25 UPDATE: Congratulations Maya! You have won this super cool bookmark reminder to #BeYourself! Contact me through Facebook to discuss shipping details. Thanks to all who entered! If you didn't win this time, never fear! This will not be the last giveaway of 2018...

When one of the kids starts trying to imitate one of their siblings, I have gotten into the habit of sharing this quote with them...

The point that I try to make with them is that God created us with unique gifts and talents, with different tastes in clothing, food, and music, with individual desires and dreams - stop trying to be someone else! I tell our kids, "God already has a [first/last name], and He doesn't need another one. He needs a [first/last name] and that's why He made you. Be who God created you to be!

I don't think that our kids are the only ones who need to hear that reminder. I see this same tendency in my fellow bloggers who try to imitate the popular bloggers instead of finding their own groove (I've been guilty of that).

I see it in moms who spend too much time on Pinterest, trying to plan the perfect party for their 3 year old so they can match all the other pre-school moms who go above and beyond (look, you have one child, I have five - I'm not competing).

I see it in women who are constantly comparing their bodies to others who have better metabolisms (and probably actually know how many calories are in a White Chocolate Mocha at Starbucks). 

I see it in me - when I look around and see people who have successfully marketed themselves into book deals and developed an online following without even trying (or trying very hard), and I wonder why I can't seem to find that special something. 

But you know what? I might not have a book deal, and I might not have a huge following, but when God made me with all of my unique quirks - my stubbornness, my INTJ traits, my love of reading, my infatuation with Paris, my ability to do introspection, my desire to be a missionary, my gift of discernment - He did it with the knowledge that He was going to ask me to take on the role of mom and mentor to five kids. He knew what they needed (the Hubs and me, apparently), and He knew what I needed (a daily reminder that I wasn't a lone reed or in control).

In 2018, I want to encourage you to join me in embracing who God made us to be. When you are tempted to compare (jobs, husbands, kids, dress size, follower count, cooking ability), STOP. Put it on repeat in your head:

Be YOURSELF. Everyone else is already taken. 

And to make it a little easier to remember, I'd like to offer one reader the opportunity to win this bookmark (what else would you expect from a bookworm?) that you can place in your Bible or in whatever book you're reading at the moment, or slap a magnet to it and stick it on your fridge.

TO ENTER: leave a comment on this blog post (if you have a problem posting, leave your comment on the Facebook post about this), and tell me what makes you stand out from everyone around you. And since it's a small item, international entries are welcome! Giveaway Ends: 1/22/18


  1. I have this same ongoing conversation with my kids, particularly my 6 year old. I've told her the same thing, that God made her to be her, and then I tell her some of my favorite things about her. It's a tough world of comparisons in which we live! I guess one thing that makes me stand out is that I hate to be the center of attention, like at a baby shower or something when everyone is watching me to see what I do, but I LOVE public speaking. Weird, I know.
    I'm proud of you, my almost birthday twin! I share your story whenever I can!

  2. I'm not sure what ONE thing makes me stand out, but it would probably include my wacky sense of humor, my love of proper grammar and spelling, the fact that I'm an ISTJ who is just fascinated by people.... :)

  3. I continue to be amazed and grateful for your obedience to the wild (!) calling of God, by making a huge leap and cannonball dive into motherhood! As for me, I suppose being an only child of my mom, adopted by my dad, makes me pretty unique. This ISFJ loves to teach, procrastinates everything, and weeps over others’ (including strangers’) pain or grief. Not sure how unique that is, but for sure, I’m the only one able to take care of my elderly mom now ❤️❤️ Thanks for the encouraging post! Glad you’re back at it!

  4. I am an child abuse survivor, and now I'm in college going for my doctorate to help other abuse victims. I have a fierce determination to not let my past define who I become. God got me out of this part of my life and leads me to better things!

  5. I stand out because I always try to be kind and considerate to everyone I know and I meet.

  6. What makes me stand out is that even if I'm feeling down, I will always try to boost someone's spirits. My friends and family always know I am there for them when they need a shoulder to cry on, someone to talk to, or someone to complain with. I guess what makes me different is I love fiercely and without question. Always.

  7. I'm different in that I like things that none of my peers are even remotely interested in. Books, Gardening, Herbalism, and God are my greatest passions.

    Have a beautiful day, all,

  8. What makes me stand out is that I love to talk! Unfortunately, my mouth moves before my brain does so things don't come out right or I say something I 'Shouldn't' but everyone knows how I am so it usually results in a good laugh for all!

  9. What makes me stand out is my energy.

  10. I guess what makes me stand out is that I try to find the good in everyone. Even if I dislike someone, I believe there is some good in them.

  11. I have the ability to talk to anyone (hobo or president) on their level. That is what I love about myselfand something I hope others love me for also.

  12. I stand out from everyone else because I am me!!! I am created in God's image just like you are! We are all created to stand out and be special in some kind of way. We are all unique and special.

  13. I am the world's foremost authority on the worst movie of all time.


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