Be Anxious for Nothing (A Clarification)

Okay, so look... I wrote a blog post (the first of several - still to come) last week about my experience with anxiety and panic attacks. There's a key word there - did you catch it? MY. This is important, so keep reading.

I was going to write part two today, but I feel that before I move any farther into the story, I need to get this out there - clearly.

I am not attempting to speak for anyone else, nor am I saying that my way of dealing with it (which was the way that GOD directed ME) is the best or only way of dealing with these kinds of issues. I am not saying you shouldn't go to see a counselor. I am not saying you don't go see your doctor. I am not saying you are a bad Christian if you do either of those things.
God sees each of His kids as individuals, and I would ask that as you follow along with this story, you do the same. 
The tendency to view others through our own experiences, whether that be our experience in school, in marriage, in parenthood, as a woman, as a Christian, in our careers, and so on, is common. But it's important to realize that your experience is yours alone.

My experience will not be the same as yours, and even though the end results might be very similar, God will work on each of us differently based on our relationship with Him, our personalities, and what we need to work on in our individual lives. Praise the Lord for His unique love for each of us and His grace to walk through the valley and come out on the other side.

What I AM saying is that this is MY story. This is how God worked on ME. And all I'm attempting to do right now is share it (in bits and pieces - leaving out some details, also important to keep in mind) in the hopes that someone might be encouraged by it. If you're dealing with panic and anxiety - you are not alone, you are not losing your mind, and there is Hope!

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