The Letter Project

or quite some time I have been wanting to start a project where I find letters in the everyday things - you know the type, instead of a scissor handle it's an "O". Or instead of typing "F" I use a picture of a flower (ah - now you understand why this whole paragraph starts with "or"!). Anyway! I found some pictures at a store last year that I fell in love with and thought it would be so cute to spell out our last name in a frame - but at $9 (!!) a picture (4 x 6), I just gagged and left the store. It is now my goal to find all twenty-six letters and take my own pictures - turn them to black and white - and then frame them. I'll try to give an update on my progress from time to time and if any of you would like to join in - welcome!


  1. I've seen those photos - it's a cool idea. Good luck with your project!

  2. This is a great start... can't wait to see the next 25!

  3. Yep, I really want to get our name done which shouldn't be too hard (only 4 letters...)

    Maybe I'll just wait until you finish this little project and buy it from YOU instead!!


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