See You Next Year

With family coming in and Christmas functions to attend, plus a few days at work and holiday films to watch, blogging is going on the back burner until after the new year has arrived. I know you all understand. Because I have slightly OCD tendencies, I'll probably be around the next two Fridays for my Thankfulness List, but otherwise, I'm going to kick back and take a break from my recent self-promotion. Speaking of which, have you found me on Twitter yet? Followed Little Brother? Discovered the Busy Nothings and Little Brother Facebook pages? Joined me on Pinterest?? Okay, the break begins now.

And just in case you're wondering what our favorite holiday function has been so far, I think this photo should answer that question...

{In case you're wondering why we're standing with a Santa Cow, we were at Chick-fil-A}

May you have a wonderful Christmas season with your friends and family!


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