A Jane Austen Christmas

Apparently people have gotten this crazy idea that I like Jane Austen. {ahem} This Christmas, my friends and family went all out in the Austen department. It started with a beautiful, hardbound copy of Sense and Sensability from a former co-worker at the pharmacy. From one bookworm to another (even though our taste in "literature" might differ a bit) - it was an incredibly thoughtful gesture.

However, Peter picked up the Austen-gifting mantle and ran with it. From the book that he found all by himself The Wicked Wit of Jane Austen, to the 2009 BBC version of Emma (that I have yet to see), to the ultimate gift for any Austen fanatic...a Jane Austen action figure, he wins the prize. Before you ask, no, he did not pay $80 for a plastic doll, but the thing is apparently discontinued now. Sad day for all of you.


While the books are tucked away on my shelf of Austen, and the DVD is waiting for the next free weekend, Jane is ensconced on the desk next to my laptop. While she stands at the ready with her trusty quill pen, I muddle through writing copy for websites and book launches. She never judges me for spending my days writing 140 character tweets, or reminding me that I'm hardly writing the next Mansfield Park, but she sparks a reminder that I should never look at it as "just" doing anything.

I'm not "just" writing copy - I'm learning how to work with the great English language.
I'm not "just" editing small books, I'm gaining experience for the day when something bigger comes along.
I'm not "just" writing nonsense for a small-time blog, I'm building an audience and enlarging my circle.

Thank you, Jane. We all need those reminders.

What was YOUR favorite Christmas gift this year?


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