Thankful For :: Week 3

Lessons learned this week:
Hotels are lovely, but sleeping in your own bed is priceless
It should never be 80 degrees in "winter"
Rainy days are the best days


This week, I'm thankful for: 

1231. Time with family

1232. Friends who pray fervently when requests are shared

1233. Safe travels

1234. Gourmet meals

1235. Beautiful weather while on vacation

1236. Rainy days when I'm home

1237. Opportunities to get things done

1238. Good health

1239. Catching up with extended family we don't see very often

1240. The gift of music and harmony - or at least the ability to appreciate those who are gifted!


Have you ever heard really good barbershop?
Are you a fan?

And more importantly - what are YOU thankful for today?


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