Laundry Talk

Do you struggle to keep up with the laundry loads? The guest post on Life as Mom was written by Lauren Hill, author of the Mama's Laundry Talk blog. I love that there is a laundry blog out there!

I have a long love/hate history with laundry (which includes ironing), and I think Mama's Laundry Talk might become one of my new favorite blogs to help keep me on the "straight and narrow" laundry road. Be sure to read Lauren's guest post over at Life as Mom [HERE], and then visit Lauren's blog [HERE] for some regular laundry encouragement. A woman who runs her own laundry service should know what she's talking about!

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  1. Wow, Carrie! Thank you so much for the encouraging words! They truly made my day.

    I'm glad my blog has been helpful for you. :)

    Thanks again!



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