Little Bites {January 2012}

Happy New Year!


Since we've already gone over the whole "Little Bites" concept, this is just your January 1st reminder of what I'll be working on this month:

1. Spend one hour a week working in the office

2. Spend 10 minutes each day (minus the week-ends) brainstorming for a book

3. Dust one room a week (bedrooms, living/dining, library/kitchen entry, office/basement)

4. Vacuum one room a week (same grouping as above)

5. Clean out five items a week (donate, trash)


What are your bite-sized goals for the month?

Here's to a new year and a fresh attempt at turning chores into habits through discipline!

Welcome 2012!



  1. Happy New Year, Carrie! I'm loving your little bites resolution idea. I'm excited to see how it goes!

  2. I love the "thinking ahead" and "little bites" graphics! Those look terrific, Carrie.

    Happy 2o12. Here's to lots of energy and commitment to reach the goals you've set.

  3. Thanks ladies! Happy New Year to you (big year for you both!)!


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