St. Patrick's Day: Brought to You By Pinterest


This is what I made (and what we ate) for St. Patrick's Day this year. With the exception of the fruit tray in the colors of Ireland (totally my own idea), everything else was done with the help of Pinterest ideas. I've read all the arguments for copyright infringement and the threats of lawsuits, but let me just say once and for all - I love finding these ideas on Pinterest and (as much as possible) I try to give credit to the original source.

If people are honest, they should recognize the fact that anything on the Internet is up for grabs. Personally, I'm grateful to all the creative people out there who freely shared their holiday ideas that made our St. Patrick's Day that much more fun. Special thanks go to the folks at the Celebrating Holidays website (inspiring the shamrock-shaped rolls), Stephanie and Bobbi from How Does She? (the amazingly yummy recipe for the Pot O' Gold salsa and the tortilla chips), and the Plain Chicken (inspiration for the shamrock-shaped cinnamon rolls with green icing). Thanks to these lovely ladies for sharing their creativity with the world, and to Pinterest, for giving me a central location where I could find them!


Besides creating an Irish-themed fruit plate, the only other original idea that I added this year was dying the butter green. It didn't mix up quite as well as I was hoping, but it was fun never-the-less.


How did you celebrate St. Paddy's Day?

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  1. I'm so glad there are others out there who aren't abandoning Punterest because of the scary, threatening pin making the rounds. Life's too short and Pinterest is too fun to worry about that stuff!
    Your fruit tray is brilliant, girly.


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