My Simplified List of Dreams for #2014

I've written about goals before on the blog. If you aim for nothing, you'll hit it every time - right? So why, if I am such a fan of having goals to work towards, am I not setting any this year? Because one of the lessons that I learned in 2013 is that life gets in the way of neat plans.

Goals are there to give you focus, to help you see the bigger picture and to give you something to use as a guide for the choices you make. For example, if you set a goal to save $100 each month towards a dream trip, it might give you resolve to stick to your grocery budget or put back that $2.99 mug that you really don't need.

So even though goals are good, this year I'm not setting goals, I'm selecting dreams.

In 2014, I would like to...

Pay off a mortgage - we've done it once, so I know we can do it again, but it will take discipline.

Lose weight - we've done it before, but again, this is where self-discipline comes into play.

Read more books - I managed 58 in 2013, I'd like to read at least 60 this year, but it must be a priority.

Finding a balance of life and (more) work - it's so easy to waste time when you work from home.

Say "Yes" more often - to middle-of-the-day lunches, road trips, and God-orchestrated ideas.

These are my dreams for 2014. Whatever steps we take to meet them will be considered a success, not tied to specifics, and leaving room for whatever God brings into our lives in 2014.

How will YOU dream big this year?


  1. I like the idea of saying yes more often. Sometimes it is far too easy to say no. :)

  2. Love the idea of reframing goals as dreams! It sounds MUCH more exciting and less daunting.
    Looking forward to following along as you say, "YES!"

    Also, I did not hit my 30 book mark last year. So, your 60 book dream is mind blowing to me!! Mind. Blowing.

  3. mmm I love the fact that you are dreaming instead of setting goals! I am blown away by the fact that we can dream the impossible with God and invite him into our wildest imaginations and actually see them take place!

  4. I love your writing. I'm glad I get to read it on a regular basis. It is so satisfying to follow along with your dreams as you post about your experiences and also blog for Weaving Influence. You are so real.


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