In the Books (A #WOMNS Post)

We're two weeks into the new year, and I'm two books closer to reaching my 2019 goal of 50 books. Over the weekend I finished reading A Matter of Loyalty (A Very English Mystery Book 3), and Peril in Paris (Taylor and Rose Secret Agents).

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The first was the finale (sadly) of a series that I stumbled onto in mid-2018 and began listening to as an audio book (my first!) while walking this autumn. I enjoyed the narrator and his myriad of voices, and the story was intriguing. Nothing earth shattering, but an unusual mystery style, set in post-war England, and a good way to fill 20 minutes a day as I walked. You can read a slightly different review of it on Goodreads, if you're so inclined.

The second was one that - truth be told - I downloaded because it had "Paris" in the title, plus I had enjoyed some of the authors earlier work. These are definitely written for an audience of 9-12 year old girls who are not yet reading through the lens of skepticism that adults have. Of course the British Secret Service are relying on 17 year old girls to save the lives of royalty and solve the murder of a double agent in Paris! Think some kind of strangely modern Nancy Drew (young girls running their own, ethnically diverse detective agency), but set in pre-WWI era Europe, and you've got the idea. That being said, it's exactly the type of series I would have loved when I was the age of the target audience, and I read these - in part - because I'm always looking for options that one or more of our girls would enjoy and get sucked into. For my other thoughts, read the Goodreads review.

I have several books going at the moment, both physical and electronic. I'm taking full advantage of the free Prime Lending Library (up to 10 books at a time), and am currently involved (off and on) with The Widow Clicquot and The Bletchley Girls as a result of that.  On my actual nightstand, you'll find an old fallback (Poirot) in Mrs. McGinty's Dead, and a book that I requested (and received) from the Hubs for Christmas, World War One: A Very Peculiar History - which has been fascinating so far.

There are so many books on my nightstand and queued up in my Kindle, and so little time to read these days, but where there's a will, there's a way, right? Of course, right! Bookworms unite.

What are YOU reading?


  1. I am still on my Agatha Christie binge. (Thanks mostly to you!) I'm reading Murder in Three Acts, Victoria: portrait of a queen by Catherine Reef,and trying to read We Saved You A Seat by Lisa-Jo Baker. Trying to read We saved to a seat because it was recommended by a friend and I got it for Christmas but it wasnt what I expected. It is devotional w lots of fill-in-the-blanks. I thought maybe I was mising the real book and I just had the study guide. Victoria was from the YA section but an interesting book. I had to return Amazing Grace by Eric Mexatas because I had no more renewals left from the library. It is about William Wilberforce. I am enjoying it but was feeling a little depressed reading some of the horrible stuff going especially about the slave trade. I had to take breaks from it to visit with Poirot. I plan on getting it next time at I'm at the library.

    1. Hooray for Agatha Christie! :) I'm happy to take credit for that. ;) I've heard about the Victoria book, would be interested to know what you think of it. I've gotten the Hubs the audio books of Eric's books about Bonhoeffer and...shoot...can't remember the other one at the moment. He enjoys them, but says sometimes it seems like the author is just using big words because he can, not because they enhance the book.

  2. I want to try the Very English Mystery Series! Have to remember to look for them!

    1. I really enjoyed them - hopefully they won't be a letdown for you if you get a chance to read one. I went into them with very low expectations, so maybe that helped (and I was pleasantly surprised). :)


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