The "No Spend" Month

2020 changed my perspective—much like it did for many of us, I'm sure—about what matters. Stuff might make us temporarily happy, especially in a year when it felt like everything else was taken away (opportunities to go places, eat at our favorite restaurants, even the ability to see our families), but it doesn't last. And then when the high is over, you're just drowning in stuff. There's a reason why Amazon stock is soaring, and our USPS and UPS drivers are drowning in boxes. Money can't buy experiences anymore, so it's buying us the next best thing—fleeting happiness in an Amazon box, arriving tomorrow (thanks, Amazon Prime).

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But 2021 is a new year, and I've decided that it's time to set some new goals. As I was reading through The Little Book of Lykke, I noticed that the author mentioned The No Spend Year by Michelle McGagh. I remembered watching her TEDx talk a while ago, but hadn't thought about it since then. So when I suddenly saw her name pop up in the book, it triggered a little idea in my head, which has been growing ever since. 

In addition to continuing the push to purge the house (or simply USE UP what we already have) thanks to my stint following the Uncluttered Course, and then creating a usable organization system for what remains (I'm homeschooling four kids, so I have to have a system for their school work, like it or not), I'm now planning to try out a NO SPEND month. I'm not ready to commit to a year, but I think a month is doable...and perhaps the shortest month of the year would be a good one to start on, just in case I get crazy and decided to try this again later.

With this in mind, my goal for what remains of January is to make sure we have anything we might need (because my kids never tell me they are out of any toiletry item until it's completely gone, so I always keep a stash on hand for those 9 PM panic moments), and then for the month of February, I'm publicly committing to spend nothing except for regular household bills, car-related expenses, and food/groceries. The hubs has even suggested the idea of no takeout during the month, which will be a little more challenging on those days when I don't have anything planned and there are seven hungry people to feed, but would definitely help the budget. I might even take a break from Starbucks, but then again, that might be pushing it a little too far for the first round. 😏

I want to not only own less, but I want to prove to myself that I don't need to replace it either...for myself OR for my kids. If one of the kids needs something during the month of February (clothing or shoes...I don't see either of those on the horizon, but they're growing like weeds, so you never know!), I'll put it on a list and deal with it, responsibly, in March. Here goes nothing!

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  1. Well my spending habits changed a lot last year, but that's mostly because I launched my art business... and that requires lots of supplies, both for creating and shipping! But you're right. It's so easy to pull up the Amazon app and buying things online is so painless. Bravo for attempting a no-spend month. I hope it goes well!

    1. Thanks! I think the kids might be more nervous than I am! They keep asking when this is starting, because they know it's going to mean no meals out (except for the one child who has a birthday in February). :) It's the same thing with homeschooling, by the way...trying to get all the supplies and books I need makes it easy to hit that Amazon app buy now button!


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