Flower Pots and Yarn

It's Monday, but honestly, I'm tired of talking about cleaning and what products I use. I mean, as someone who hates to clean, how much cleaning "wisdom" can I possibly have to share? And I figured that if I'm tired of writing about it, you're probably tired of reading about it. So today I'm rambling on about flower pots and gardens and yarn and birthday hats. Welcome to Monday.

Last summer we had our first garden. No clue what we were doing, but we ended up with lot of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions, melons, pumpkins, etc. and we even had fun doing it. I've had mixed feelings about doing another garden, but now that we're eating according to the South Beach plan, fresh vegetables from the backyard would be great to add into the mix. The main drawback is the clay that we have in our yard, so we've decided to grow some vegetables in pots this year to see if the produce is bigger and better in good dirt. The big plastic pots were a clearance find at Lowe's just last week! I picked up the peach basket at Hobby Lobby last month for $2.49. I love the way it looks and now we'll have a big enough basket to lug all the produce into the house in one trip instead of three. :-)

Don't you love the colors??
Knitting is something my grandmother and mother taught me how to do as a child. They gave me the very basics and left me to my own devices. I made scarves and bags, but never moved beyond those basic skills. In January of 2009, a friend renewed my interest in knitting and I picked up my dusty needles to try again. With her help, I moved to knitting with five double-points and added hats to my list of things I could knit. My sister requested a hat for Christmas, but as I had already purchased her gift, I told her that the birthday fairy might be able to make that happen. Her birthday came and went two weeks ago, but on Friday I sent my gift to her via my parents (who were heading over for some grandchild loving and birthday celebration). She wanted a white hat lined with fleece. What she got was a knitted hat made from bamboo yarn and here's how it turned out...

And just because I want to...I'm going to close out this post with a couple of pictures I took of some new roses I received last week (a story I will share as tomorrow's tip) and more yarn shots. See ya tomorrow!


  1. nice pics! Makes me want to go and pick up my knitting!

    The boys and I started a composting pile this week and i'm thinking about firing our gardener. it will save us nearly $100 a month. I'm tired of him and he never does what we want. I mean, I can send the boys out to water every single day...that's all he does.

  2. Carrie,
    I think you and Peter were the CONSUMATE gardeners!! Raised beds, staked plants, and bountiful harvest! And pretty photos to boot!

    But I know it's difficult to 'minimize' gardens to suit two people, so I think container gardening is a great idea. Due to our travel plans for the year, I won't be growing any veggies--and it's bothering me like crazy. But, it's just a 'season,' right?! So, for my little earthy fix, I continue to build up the compost pile and stir it as often as possible :-) That will have to do for this year...

    But I shall garden vicariously through others', like you, and follow your blogs with fervour! May the Lord grant you a bountiful harvest!!!
    Blessings, Linda


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